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"Melanie is an incredibly generous soul and an amazing practitioner. Her treatments helped me through a tumultuous period in my life when depression and anxiety issues were ever present. I was new to acupuncture but was instantly in awe of the power of this therapy. I could feel a change in my mind and body almost as soon as she placed the needles and felt lasting change with regular treatments. She also prescribed herbs and encouraged me to develop a meditation practice which I think helped a lot. She is very observant and inspiring and I would give more stars if I could! Melanie not only healed my initial complaints but helped me jump into a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Highly recommend!"  - C. C.

"Aging is not an easy task. Many physicians take lightly things that are of large concern to our quality of life. Melanie is the exception.  She carefully listens to determine how her extensive knowledge can serve to bring powerful results to almost any diagnosis - from small to large.  After struggling with arthritis and discovering treatments with Melanie, successful beyond expectations, I continued and worked through other painful issues.  Now I am so excited to take a step forward and use her expertise to create a more youthful appearance by stimulating the collagen production in my face.  Two treatments already have me smiling.  I would highly recommend that you contact Melanie to see how she can help in all areas of improvement where you might not think it is possible.  I am very grateful that my daughter introduced us." - Linda H.
"Highly Recommend! As someone who lives an active lifestyle it was crushing to be forced to slow down due to pain in my foot from a Morton’s Neuroma. After going to multiple podiatrist, and receiving steroid injection after steroid injection I was told I could only wear dad shoes for the rest of my life and that my only other option was to get surgery to remove the neuroma. Along with that they informed me that it was likely to return and my activity level would have to adjust to avoid any further pain. My wife suggested we try acupuncture before going to the extreme of surgery and I’m so glad we did! Dr. Melanie Munson was amazing! She instantly gave me hope and came up with a plan to get my pain down while correcting the issue for good. After following the treatment plan I’m happy to say I’m pain free, just as active as before and still wearing my stylish shoes!" - Taylor H.
"Dr. Melanie Munson was the best! She truly cares about each one of her patients and treats them like a good friend. I was very nervous about going to Acupuncture because of a fear of needles but she put me straight to ease. Taking extra time and care to make sure I was comfortable and understood everything she would do during the treatment and why and how it would help. I went to her for anything from stress and sickness to back and neck pain and she was able to help with all of it. I highly recommend her for any issue you are dealing with!" - Megah H.
"Having reached 66 years of age and having been on many, many unsuccessful diets, I resolved that my New Year's wish would be to get healthy.  My first meeting with the wonderful Dr. Melanie Munson was the first week in January and we continued for 6 months. I am now so very healthy, AND I lost a total of 20 pounds.  Now whenever I am getting dressed, it is fun and enjoyable.  I look forward to trying new things and like what I see in the mirror.  Pretty nice for this age and stage in life.  A big Thank You Melanie!" - Sue H.

"Dr. Melanie Munson is amazing. She specializes in autoimmune diseases, as well as many other health problems and concerns. She customizes her approach for each patient. She is extremely knowledgeable, with a gentle touch and a compassionate heart. I highly recommend Dr. Munson 🙏 Thank you"  - Julie E.

"Cannot recommend Dr. Munson highly enough. She is incredibly knowledgeable with a variety of issues. I have seen her for knee inflammation after surgery, vertigo, and menopausal symptoms. She truly has helped me without use of medication." - Lisa G.
"Dr. Melanie is wonderful at what she does. From the very beginning, it is easy to tell she cares about her craft as well as her patients. She is very knowledgeable and able to answer many questions that may come up prior to treatment. I for one am not great with needles, but after session one I had zero reservations about any further treatment."            Dr. G. B.
"What a blessing to find someone who is able to treat health issues that other doctors can't or won't approach. Having that person listen and be cognizant of underlying and connected problems makes for an even better experience. I am most grateful for the relief Dr. Munson has provided and look forward to venturing into different areas of physical improvement. " - LBH
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