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The Clinic


Dr. Melanie Munson, the founder of gaia Integrative Health, received her doctorate from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine.  She studied at Texas Health and Science University where she received a Master's degree of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is licensed by the  Texas Medical Board and is nationally board-certified by the NCCAOM.


Dr. Melanie's doctoral research focus explored how enhancing neuroplasticity and altering gene expression through mindfulness meditative practices improves health and can change the course of disease. She researched epigenetics which shows how cellular and physiological traits, or the external and environmental factors that turn our genes on and off. In essence, how one can turn off the gene expression that causes cancer or other diseases. This is a powerful field of medicine which tremendously enhances healing and wellbeing of her patients.

She brings many years of experience and knowledge to her patients with over 25 years in the field of nutrition, health, and wellness. She has a passion for guiding her patients back to vibrant health and understands firsthand what it is like when you no longer feel like yourself.  Dr. Munson takes the time to truly listen and spends time with each patient one-on-one with compassion to find lasting solutions.

gaia Integrative Health offers treatments that range from insomnia and headaches to chronic and neurological disorders that inhibit simple daily activities.  It is critical to seek out and address the root cause of the underlying problem.  The conception of the clinic came about after a long personal journey back to health.  It is important to seek medical advice from someone who understands the sheer magnitude and complexity of chronic disorders.



Healing Modalities

  • Functional Medicine

  • Acupuncture

  • Oriental Medicine

  • Nutrition

  • Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation

  • Frequency Stimulation

  • Cupping

  • Guasha

  • Moxibustion

  • Balancing Lifestyle

  • Herbal Prescriptions

  • Dietary Supplements

  • Sound therapy

  • Detoxification 

  • Stress Reduction Techniques 


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Dr. Melanie Munson, DAcOM, L.Ac.

Our Philosophy


We believe everyone can improve their quality of life and health regardless of the diagnosis they have been given.   Transformation into a life of vibrant health is possible, and you can truly live each day to the fullest.  We offer solutions and will support you on your journey back to health with compassion and integrity. 

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